Frequently Asked Questions

Why belong to an association?

Metro Umpires provides some of the best training and mentoring for umpires in the country.There is no need to contact schools for assignments. The Association will provide you with a schedule of games at a variety of schools throughout the Metro area. Because we make the assignments with the schools, you do not have to worry about re-scheduling cancelled assignments due to weather, etc. Metro takes care of that for you. Finally, you have the opportunity to work with an elite group of professionals who care about umpiring.

How do I get game assignments and what level will I work?

Unless you have a great deal of prior experience, most new members will start umpiring at the b-squad and junior varsity levels. These games are usually easier to work with less pressure. The one-umipre system is generally used. As your skills develop, higher level games will be made available to you. Game assignments are based on availability information you provide us. Umpiring opportunities are available every day of the week, including many weekends.

What Are the Travel Requirements?

You will need a reliable means of transportation. A variety of game opportunities are available all over the metro area. We try to schedule you relatively close to where you work or live, however, you will occasionally be called upon to travel across town for game assignments. Your ability to travel to game assignments in all the areas we service is a necessary and an expected part of umpiring for us.

How do I get paid and how much?

The three most common ways umpires are paid are:
* The client will have you sign a pay voucher. A check will be sent to you from the school or school district.
* Metro will send the schools or school district an invoice for each umpire. The schools or school districts will in turn send you  a check at the end of the season.
* You will be paid with a check on the field.

Game fees differ by type of game, level of competition, and the season (spring/ high school v. summer/American Legion-VFW). For more specific information on game fees, assignment fees, etc. contact the Metro office.


To begin umpiring you will need the following equipment:

* Navy blue cap (no logos)
* Protective mask (blue, black or grey)
* Shinpads
* Umpire shirt (light blue or navy blue)
* Chest protector
* Black belt
* Black socks
* Heather gray slacks
* Protective cup
* Windbreaker or coat (preferably blue)
* Black shoes (plate shoes recommended)
* Ball bag (blue or grey)
* Ball/strike indicator
* Plate brush

The total cost is about $150.00 - $200.00

You can obtain equipment in several ways. Many local sporting goods stores carry umpire equipment. There are also several mail order suppliers. You will find links to mail order equipment suppliers listed below. We donít supply equipment to officials, but we know what you need and how and where to get it at a reasonable price. Call us before you buy.

Mail Order Equipment Suppliers

Between the Lines Official's Gear (Official Supplier of Metro Uniforms)

Honig's Whistle Stop

Gerry Davis Sports

National Federation of State High School Associations